Why should I choose you as my proposal planner?

All custom proposals that I do are completely personalized and these will not be found anywhere else online. I will include my opinion as an expert perspective to help try and gauge what would be best for your soon to be fiancé to ensure you both love every moment without any of the stress on you that would usually be entailed on a moment like this.

What makes you different to other companies?

Our custom proposals are completely unique and every single detail is suited to you so it is not planned by using a template of another proposal. Our all inclusive packages are carefully designed and put together to ensure it is perfect in every way. We use professional vendors to ensure everything goes smoothly and as planned. We have special contacts in regards to the ring as well as after she/he has said Yes! We can provide details of our trusted wedding planner contacts. In addition we can create promise proposals if you aren't quite ready for a marriage proposal.

Where do you plan proposals?

We are primarily based in the south east of England including London. We do eventually plan to expand to absolutely anywhere in the world. We do have some contacts in other parts of the UK as well as other countries so if there is somewhere else you would like to propose then please get in contact and we will try our absolute best to help you.

How much should I plan to spend on my custom proposal?

If you select package one which includes us giving you both ideas and you planning it yourself this is £299. The average that most people spend is £4000 but we can also cater for budgets from £500 to unlimited

What will my partner think if I use a proposal planner?

We are pretty confident that they will love it! It shows that you have thought of her/him in every little detail and that you really care about your relationship together. It will be completely bespoke to your relationship so they will be blown away with how special the day will be