Romantic room makeover

A beautiful room makeover with rose petals, fairy lights, framed pictures and LED candles in a room and location of your choice. We will completely transform your room within a few hours into a luxury and romantic space including champagne and chocolate strawberries as a celebratory.

Image by Claudio Schwarz


♡ Romantic makeover of a room in a location of your choice. Includes all of the above as a base package. Examples of locations could be a room at your home or a hotel room.
♡ Personalized flutes can be provided on request if enough time is given
♡ Base package - £600


♡ Bouquet of flowers - Add a personalized bouquet of flowers of your choice - £65
♡ Musician - Be serenaded by a choice of musicians before you pop the question - £220
♡ Photographer - Capture the special moment with a photographer as you propose and a session after if you wish - £490
♡ Marry me personalized balloon - £35
♡ Marry me lights – Price provided upon request dependant on location

Terms and conditions

♡ Available daily from 9am to 7pm, extra fees will apply on major holidays
♡ 14 days notice required
♡ This proposal package is non refundable
♡ You are responsible for booking a hotel if this is the room you choose
♡ We require a minimum of a two hour time frame to complete the room makeover
♡ You are responsible for clean up after the proposal
♡ You are responsible for providing us a key for the room you wish to be decorated
♡ An ID is required for alcohol and you are responsible for getting permission from the venue to drink alcohol