Private gondola proposal

Enjoy a private gondola ride through londons rivers and canals with a private musician. Feel like your in Italy as you propose on the water.

Image by Jack Ward


♡ Duration - 45 minutes 
♡ This package include a private gondola ride with a gondolier and musician. Decorated with rose petals and blankets if its chilly. 
♡ Base package - £350


♡ Photographer - Capture the special moment with a photographer as you propose and a session after if you wish. - £490

♡ Bouquet of flowers - Add a personalized bouquet of flowers of your choice - £65

♡ Champagne - Enjoy glasses of champagne as you float through the river - £70

Terms and conditions

♡ Available daily from 11am to 7pm based on availability, except major holidays. 
♡ The proposal package is non refundable 
♡ Bookings will require 14 days notice 
♡ You are required to be at the pick up point 10 minutes before the booking time
♡ We will accommodate for any weather conditions