Flash mob proposal

Take your partner to your choice of location and surprise them with a flash mob they wont be expecting. It could be that your just sitting on a bench together and suddenly performers start dancing in front of you! They will then realise its all for them and you will have the perfect moment to propose.

Image by Frederik Trovatten.com


♡ Duration - 5 -10 minutes
♡ We will assist you in coming up with the perfect flash mob idea and songs.
♡ A team of 6 performers will surprise you both with a flash mob at a choice of locations
♡ Base package - £1650


♡ Photographer - Capture the special moment with a photographer as you propose and a session after if you wish. - £490

♡ Bouquet of flowers - Add a personalized bouquet of flowers of your choice to be handed to your partner on arrival - £65

Terms and conditions

♡ Available daily from 9am to 7pm based on availability. Except some major holidays 
♡ The proposal package is non refundable 
♡ Bookings will require 28 days notice 
♡ It is your responsibility to obtain any permits needed or permission from the location you choose if necessary 
♡ We will accommodate for any weather conditions